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People have looked for ways to decorate ceilings since they were first invented. The stone coffered ceilings left behind by the Greeks and the Romans are some of the earliest examples of this.

Beam Ceilings aren’t the only specialty ceiling Goodwin Mill & Cabinet can produce. Coffered ceilings are another type that have garnered attention recently. They are also known as Lacunar ceilings for giving a sense of space. The ancient Chinese called this design Zaojing. These ceilings are sunken panels in the shape of squares, rectangles or octagons. Although coffered ceilings were traditionally made of stone or other substances, carpenters of the early Renaissance created wooden coffers by crossing wooden beams on ceilings to create decoration. Since that time, wood coffering has become more prominent and in demand because of the versatility of the product. You can control the style, finish and color with wood better than stone and the wood coffering weighs much less.

These highly ornate ceilings are definitely worth your time to investigate. You can set up an appointment with Goodwin Mill & Cabinet today and see some examples of this handiwork for yourself! Call now!

Coffered Ceiling achieved by using wood beams to cross.
Coffered Ceiling achieved with wood beams and molding.
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