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Custom Cabinetry
The word "Custom" is an adjective describing anything made or done to order for a particular customer.

In the case of cabinetry there's nothing better than a custom cabinet job to meet your exact needs.  Unlike pre-fabricated units, custom cabinets won't limit your vision of a perfect kitchen.  The cabinet layout is designed to meet your needs as well as the space it's going in.  Pre-fabricated cabinets are built in a limited amount of sizes.  These sizes don't allow for unusual nooks and corners.  They also don't accommodate all lengths and wall sizes.

With a custom cabinet you have more options with colors and finishes.  Depending on the manufacturer, pre-fabricated cabinets usually offer only a limited choice of color and finish styles.

One of the best advantages to a custom cabinet job is the quality.  Custom cabinets are strong and durable.  With some personal attention and care, they can last a lifetime.  Pre-fabricated cabinets aren't as sturdy.  Mass produced cabinets are generally made of more thin material limiting the amount of weight they can support.  These cabinets also tend to break under pressure.  They have a much shorter life expectancy than a custom cabinet.

Goodwin Mill & Cabinet fuses Early American Colonial with its emphasis on both form and quality materials with Mission Style characterized by straight, thick horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels.  This results in a more elegant and subtle style of cabinet similar to the Shaker style; which is focused on function and symmetry.  Like the Shaker style, Goodwin craftsmen generally look to fruit and alder wood species for our designs.

Goodwin craftsmen are also excellent at incorporating or working in other Schools of Design as well as those mentioned above.  You have more opportunity to get what you want with a custom cabinet job from Goodwin Mill & Cabinet.