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Turnings & Moldings
Moldings are strips of material used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. Moldings are used to give definition to objects by applying light and dark shaded stripes. This contrast draws the eye and helps soften the transitional surface.  

Goodwin Mill & Cabinet creates moldings in our workshop. These materials are quite popular with wood working professionals in the Southern Utah area. We produce Molding for both our own cabinet work and to supply other companies who use molding with their products.

Some of the styles are traditional and quite common. However, there are molding styles created by Goodwin craftsman that are exclusive to the company. These pieces are produced in the mill and are more examples of how innovative Goodwin products have become.

Another area of focus is post turning. Post turning is a fascinating part of the company. Posts are turned on an automatic lathe. It’s like watching a block of wood magically take shape into something resembling a sculpture.  Recently, the post turning side of the company has split off.  Although still manufactured at the shop, the new owner of the post turning business is Michael Wilson.  

Wilson Wood Turnings supply turnings to several distributors around the country.  The biggest advantage to having a partner producing turnings is the ability to add features to custom cabinetry work that helps set us apart in quality, complexity and style.  The automatic turning process can take anywhere from 7 to 60 minutes depending on how intricate the post is. Once the template is created, the post can be duplicated to exact measurements every time.

This video shows a more simple post being turned on the lathe.  Enjoy watching this incredible process!
Finished & Unfinished Post Gallery